Kingwood Middle School construction

New Kingwood Middle School Scheduled to Open in Months

The new three-story Kingwood Middle School is scheduled to open this year. That leaves just nine months. Pictures taken today show the exterior is almost complete. But interior progress is hard to judge.

Then there’s the question of demolition of the old school and reconstruction of the athletic fields where the old school now stands. None of that can happen until contractors finish the new school. But even if that runs past August, it shouldn’t impose any additional hardships on students. After all, they’ve done without athletic fields for the last two school years.

Construction Pics Show Status as of Mid-March 2022

Construction started on the east and has been working toward the west for more than a year now. Here’s how the westernmost building looks as of 3/13/22. It is the least finished. As you can see, additional exterior work remains on the roof, glass, and entries.

Virtually all glass appears to be in as of mid-March 2022, but not the frames that seal it.
Workers still have materials left on several of the roofs.
The new back entry will provide pickup and drop-off points, relieving traffic congestion on surrounding streets.
This temporary detention pond in the foreground will be replaced by…
…a new permanent detention pond where the parking long in the foreground is.
The old school (right) must still be demolished.
New athletic fields will be built on the site of the old school.

Once a building like this has been “dried in,” subcontractors can work on the interior 24/7 if necessary to make up for lost “weather days.” Interior trades include drywall, plumbing, electric, lighting, ceilings, paint, floor coverings, cabinets and other finish work.

Compare Current with Previous Pics

See the progress of work to date by comparing these pictures with those taken in previous months.

Here’s Humble ISD’s webpage on the project. It shows artist’s renderings of many of the interior areas not visible in these pictures. It will feature larger classrooms, more space for collaboration, natural light, and easier pickup/drop-off.

Careful reading of the Humble ISD copy will reveal that they have not yet promised which month in 2022 students will move from the old to the new Kingwood Middle School. However…

With each passing month, I get more excited about this project. It will make a wonderful addition to Kingwood and has the potential to become a community showcase.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 3/13/2022

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