Kingwood Middle School: February Update

Aerial photos taken last week show a beautiful new Kingwood Middle School with an open, airy design taking shape.

Pictures Taken on 1/29/22

Glass enclosed atrium will look out over athletic fields where existing school now is.
Existing school, bottom left, will be torn down to make room for athletic fields.
Overhangs (not yet with roofs) will help provide protection from direct sun.
View of entire school from over Woodland Hills Drive, looking NE.
Looking E from over Woodland Hills Drive.
Looking W from over Cedar Knolls Drive reveals drop off/pickup driveway behind school.

Humble ISD still says the new Kingwood Middle School will open in 2022. This video on the ISD website explains more about the design and amenities of the new school…including the drop-off/pickup driveway shown above that should help reduce traffic congestion on neighboring streets. Classrooms in the new school will be about 200 square feet larger.

Sending an Important Message to Students

A permanent detention pond near the semi-circular drive in front of old Kingwood Middle School will eventually replace the temporary pond in the lower left of the image above. It’s exciting to see the Humble ISD making flood reduction a part of its plans for the future. That sends an important message to students and provides an opportunity for learning.

It was only a little more than a year ago that this site was nothing more than dirt and a dream.

To see the progress of construction, compare the pictures above to those in previous posts.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 2/6/22

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