Construction of New Kingwood Middle School Starts With Temporary Detention Pond

Humble ISD recently started construction of the new Kingwood Middle School. The gorgeous, new upgrade to Kingwood’s oldest middle school should open in the 2022 academic year. The new building will occupy the northern half of the site where the athletic fields used to be. After contractors finish the new building, they will then demolish the old one and rebuild the athletic fields on the southern half of the site. See below.

Temporary detention pond in foreground will service the site during construction. The new school will be built behind the old one (left).

Temporary Detention Along Cedar Knolls

Thankfully, one of the first elements of the site is a substantial detention pond on the site of an old parking lot. This pond will be temporary.

Close up of the temporary detention pond on the site of the old parking lot.

The ISD will replace it with a permanent one between Pine Terrace and the new running track. Contractors will then fill the old pond in and pave it over to replace the parking lot.

Construction Sequencing

The following diagrams show how the school district intends to sequence the construction. Contractors are currently in Phase 1B. They have built the temporary detention pond, and cleared/graded the site of the new school. After the new school is built (1C), they will demo the old one and build a second detention pond facing Pine Terrace in Step 2A. The final step (2B): rebuilding the athletic fields, filling in the temporary detention pond and repaving the parking lot.

When complete, the main entry of the new middle school should look like this.

New Kingwood Middle School: a new showcase for Kingwood. Quite a step up from the fortress-like, windowless schools built back in the Seventies and Eighties.

For More Information

You can learn more about the project by visiting the Humble ISD 2018 Bond Fund website.

This video of the October 22, 2020 Humble ISD board meeting contains a presentation on the features of the new school. It promises to be a showcase for all of Kingwood. The part of the video about the new school starts around three minutes in. They discuss construction phasing starting at 13:42.

Nervous Neighbors Can Sleep Easier

A few blocks north and west of here, a cluster of homes not far from North Woodland Hills Elementary flooded during Imelda last year. While that situation was likely due to inadequate storm sewer design, I’m sure KMS neighbors will sleep easier knowing that detention ponds are a major part of the new KMS project from the start. They can certainly take some of the pressure off overloaded storm sewers.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 11/23/2020 with help from Chris Bloch

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