Just downstream from River Grove Park, Harvey left a giant new sand dune, one of several that block most of the river.

Sand Clogs our River

Hurricane Harvey deposited new sand bars like this one on the East and West Forks of the San Jacinto. They contribute to flooding by reducing the river’s velocity and carrying capacity.

Sand reaches the tree tops downstream of sand mines adjacent to Sorters-McClellan Road west of Kingwood.

More Keeps Coming

More than a dozen mines expose twenty square miles of sand upstream from Kingwood. Floods scoop it up and drop it downstream where it blocks the river, bayous and drainage ditches.

Sand that blocks drainage ditches, reduces river capacity , or decreases water velocity contributes to flooding.

16,000 Homes, 3300 Businesses Flooded

Twenty percent of all homes and forty percent of all businesses in the area were affected by Harvey. We must act now to reduce the impact of future floods.