Kingwood Middle School

December Update: Kingwood Middle School Being “Glassed In”

The new Kingwood Middle School is now being “glassed in,” at least the portions that are not brick. The glass will seal the interior from the weather outside and let new sets of contractors begin their work. Those include interior trades such as electricians, plumbers, painters, drywall, flooring and ceiling specialists. Since my last update on November 10, the contractors have made much progress. According to Humble ISD, the new school should open next August.

Once contractors have sealed the structure, the schedule no longer depends on weather and they can move much more quickly.

Multiple trades can work simultaneously in different parts of the building.

Progress in Photos

Here are pictures taken on 12/5/2021 that show the current status.

Approximately half of the exterior that will receive glass is already glassed in.
One of the entries. Exterior on right has not yet begun.
New Kingwood Middle School from over Woodland Hills Drive. The old school, right, will be torn down after this school year finishes.
Brickwork and roofing on the western portion of the building are almost complete. Some scaffolding remains for stonemasons on the opposite side of the building.
Construction moved from west to east. The eastern portions of the exteriors and roofing (right) are less finished.
Looking north to south. Once the old school is demolished (top of frame), athletic fields will be re-established in that area along with a permanent detention pond.
Looking SE at new Kingwood Middle School construction
The southeastern portion of the new Kingwood Middle School on Cedar Knolls still has a long way to go.

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It was only a year ago that this site was nothing more than dirt and a dream.

To see architectural renderings of the new building when complete, see this page on Humble ISD’s web site.

Posted by Bob Rehak on December 5, 2021

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