KMS Demolition

KMS Demolition Accelerates

Kingwood Middle School demolition accelerated this week. On Tuesday, November 8, contractors had nibbled their way into a small area near the front door. But on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, they took down about 20-25% of the building. They’re focusing on the west side right now and moving north.

If your kids enjoy watching big machines at work, share the pictures below.

Photos Taken Week Ending 11/12/22

Extent of excavation at end of week. Wide shot looking ENE. Pine Terrace on right.
This shot gives you some idea of the power of these machines.
Photo by John Sedlak shows contractor separating materials for recycling.
While two machines tear down building, a third separates material and loads it into dump trucks.
Demolition happens much faster than construction. What took months to build will come down in days.
KMS demolition in full swing. Reverse shot looking S toward Pine terrace.
The temporary detention pond did its job Friday afternoon and evening. It held almost 2 inches of rain.
All was quiet Saturday morning. Here you can see steel being separated from the debris for recycling.
Sunset by John Sedlak on 11/5/22 shows the gorgeous new KMS on the right. The old KMS on the left will soon become athletic fields and a larger detention pond to reduce flood risk for neighbors.

To see the history of this project (both construction of the new KMS and old KMS demolition), see the posts below:

Posted by Bob Rehak on 11/12/22

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