New Caney ISD West Fork High School

New Caney ISD West Fork High School March Construction Update

One of the largest construction projects currently underway in the Kingwood Area is New Caney ISD’s West Fork High School, south of the HCA Kingwood Medical Center. New Caney ISD provided degrees of completion for all the trades associated with the project as of March 2022.

  • Athletic fields and structures – 70%
  • Concrete masonry 65%
  • Rough electrical – 80%
  • Rough mechanical – 80%
  • Rough plumbing – 90%
  • Insulation – 75%
  • Windows – 65%
  • Interior metal studs – 85%
  • Exterior paint – 50%
  • Curtain wall – 65%
  • Exterior storefront – 90%
  • Concrete paving, parking lot and driveways – 95%
  • Gas service – 90%
  • Water service – 80%
  • Sidewalks – 45%
  • Interior gypsum board – 65%
  • Interior paint 20%
  • Ceramic tile – 10%
  • Sorters Road storm drain – 90%
  • Rough grade – 75%

Aerial Photos from 3/13/22

Here’s what that looks like. Aerial photos show the exterior of the main building and athletic facilities rapidly nearing completion.

Looking NE at New Caney ISD West Fork High School. HCA Kingwood Medical Center is white complex in background near horizon.
Interior courtyard
New ball fields. US59 runs left to right across top of frame. North is left.
Field house, football field and track. Looking east toward US 59.
Looking SW toward Sorters-McClellan Road.
Runners take your marks. Set. Go!
The detention pond will need some erosion repair before this project is done.
Sorters-McClellan Road is being expanded to handle the increased traffic. Looking N from over detention pond.
Looking S at widening of Sorters-McClellan Road. Note proximity to West Fork and 59 Bridge in background.

Compare with Previous Updates

To see how the project has progressed, compare these previous posts.

New Caney ISD expects to complete the project this summer. It is one of the District’s 2018 bond projects.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 3/15/2022

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