New Caney high school #3 as of May 26, 2021

New Caney High School #3 Taking Shape

It was about a year ago that New Caney ISD cleared land for its third high school between Sorters-McClellan Road and US 59 south of Kingwood Drive. Today, the site is a beehive of activity. Construction crews have erected walls that will eventually define the shape of High School #3. I took the pictured below on 5/26/2021.

New Caney ISD Campus #3 on Sorters McClellan Road south of Kingwood Drive.

The New Caney ISD says that as of May 2021, “The site work at Comprehensive High School #3 includes storm drainage which is 95 percent complete. The sanitary sewer is 85 percent complete. The electrical is 98 percent complete and the water is 90 percent complete. The concrete slab on the building is 85 percent complete. The form and pour tilt-up panels are 95 percent complete. The erect panels are 80 percent complete and the structural steel is five percent complete.”

New Caney ISD still expects construction to finish construction of High School #3 in the Summer of 2022.
When complete, the building(s) will be 320,000 square feet.
The building pad behind the crane in the foreground will be the field house. (See plans below.)
General plan for New Caney High School #3

New Caney ISD’s enrollment grew 31 percent between 2011 and 2016. That ranked NCISD first in the greater Houston area and fourth in the state for percentage enrollment growth. Eventually, the high school will hold 2,250 students. However, the school will open with only 1,350 in August 2022.

FEMA’s National Flood Hazard Layer Viewer shows that the extent of the floodplain in this area roughly parallels Sorter’s McClellan Road. The high school property falls roughly within the red circle.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 5/29/2021

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