National Hurricane Center Starting Tropical Weather Outlooks Two Weeks Earlier

Even if you don’t believe in climate change, the way the National Hurricane Center (NHC) covers tropical weather will change this year. Until now, NHC began issuing regular tropical weather outlooks on June 1st. Now they will start two weeks earlier.

The National Hurricane Center will begin regular tropical weather outlooks starting on May 15 this year. This change has been made due to the increased number late May tropical and sub-tropical systems in the last several years.

The actual start date of the Atlantic basin hurricane season will remain June 1, but this is also being looked at for changes to an earlier start date in future years.

Hurricane Harvey at its peak intensity in August of 2017 as it came ashore in Texas. Photo courtesy of NOAA.

Text of NHC Press Release

“In order to provide more frequent information on the potential for tropical cyclone formation as the official June 1 start of the Atlantic hurricane season approaches, the National Hurricane Center will begin routine issuance of the Atlantic Tropical Weather Outlook (TWO) and the Graphical TWO at 800 AM EDT (1200 UTC) May 15, 2021.”

“Given recent increased tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic basin in late May, routine issuance of the Atlantic TWO starting on May 15 offers a service improvement over unscheduled Special TWOs that are issued to discuss the possibility of tropical cyclone formation prior to the official start of hurricane season on June 1.”

Posted by Bob Rehak on 3/23/21 based on information from the National Hurricane Center

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