tornado aftermath in forest cove

Tornado Gone But Not Forgotten

At approximately 1:30 AM on January 9, 2022, a tornado swept through Kingwood. Hard hit areas included Forest Cove and Trailwood Villages. The supercells that spawned the EF-1 Tornado also dumped approximately 5 inches of rain that morning. When the rain stopped, I ventured out and found cleanup crews already clogging the streets. I drove through the same areas today to gage the progress of repairs.

Tornado Aftermath Remains

Many homes have been fixed, re-roofed and re-painted. But many blue tarps still remain. Roofers will not soon run out of business.

And I saw two empty foundations where it looked like homeowners decided to start over.

The scenes were a testament to the power of nature and the determination of humankind.

Among the memorable scenes that remain, these two stand out.

Top of tree has hung upside down on utility wire for a month.
tornado aftermath in forest cove
Home devastated by January tornado in Forest Cove.

Tornado, Like Harvey, a Defining Moment

To me, the first shot symbolizes the chaotic and capricious nature of a tornado.

And the second symbolizes the overwhelming heartbreak. A home sawed in half by a fallen tree. Torrential rains streaming through the breach. Ceilings caving in, destroying contents. Mangled garage door. Fallen timber. Sawed, but not removed. This was an ordeal that would have tested the strongest among us.

It reminds me of Harvey’s aftermath. As I drive around Kingwood, I still see reminders. Vacant homes. Ongoing repairs. Shops that remain empty. Businesses struggling to recover. Still.

Physical Vs. Emotional Recovery

The repairs may be over for most. But the financial and emotional scars will last a lifetime. Trials such as these become defining moments. For people. And for communities. They represent a fork in the tree of life. They can build character. Or destroy futures.

The temptation after making physical repairs is to repress the pain of the past and move on with life. But I hope we never forget those who still struggle.

Posted by Bob Rehak on February 10, 2022

1626 Days since Hurricane Harvey and 31 since the January Tornado