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Kinder Institute study finds flooding a major concern of Houstonians

Downstream from the sand mine on Caney Creek. This giant, new dune reaches into tree tops and constricts the cross section of the East Fork of the San Jacinto by at least 50% near Kingwood’s East End Park. 

According to the Houston Business Journal, a new study by Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research, ranks flooding as a major concern of Houstonians.

Among the key findings of the Kinder Institute study:

  • Hurricane Harvey directly impacted a whopping 40 percent of the study’s participants.
  • 13 percent of respondents in Harris County, 14 percent in Fort Bend and 12 percent in Montgomery named Harvey’s devastation  as the biggest problem facing the area.
  •  66 percent felt tighter regulations would have reduced damages.
  • Roughly three-fourths of respondents believe a big storm will happen again.
  • 56 percent favored increasing taxes to enable buying out homes that repeatedly flood.
  • 90 percent agreed that property owners should be required to notify potential buyers or renters if the property they are considering has flooded in recent years.
  • More than 70 percent favor prohibiting any additional construction in areas that have repeatedly flooded.

The Kinder Institute has been researching the major concerns of Houstonians for more than 35 years.

Posted April 25, 239 Days since Hurricane Harvey