HB13 Creates a flood infrastructure fund of $3.26 billion taken from the Economic Stabilization (Rainy Day) fund for flood planning, mitigation, and infrastructure projects. (Comparable to SB7 below but with some differences.) Died in committee. Replaced by SB7 which passed. HB509 Allows Texas Railroad Commission to regulate APOs with TCEQ. Requires: hydrologic impact study, public notice, public hearings, and provides fines up to $10,000 and 1-year in jail for false statements. Died in Committee. HB 907 Doubles the penalties for not registering a sand mining operation. New penalties can range from $10,000 to $20,000 per year with the total not to exceed $40,000. It also increases the frequency of inspections from three years to two years and establishes a registry of active sand mines. Passed both Houses. Signed by Governor. HB 908 Provides for penalties up to $50,000 for water code violations and every-other-year inspections. Died in Committee. No testimony even heard. HB 909 Calls for the TCEQ to adopt and publish best management practices for sand mines (aggregate production operations) that comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations.  Testimony taken on 5/1. Died in committee. HB 911. Creates a Lake Houston Watershed Commission: Purpose: to provide the public with streamlined communication and cooperation in flood control planning. Passed House. Died in Senate committee. HB 1671. Extends water quality protections to the West Fork of the San Jacinto currently enjoyed by the John Graves District on the Brazos as part of a pilot program. Attaches penalties for non-compliance with best practices defined under HB909. Died in Natural Resources Committee. HB 2871. Would require sand mines and other aggregate production operations to acquire a reclamation permit and to file a performance bond ensuring reclamation. Significantly, they would have to do both of these things before they could acquire a production permit. It also attaches civil and criminal penalties for non-compliance. Died in Energy Resources committee. SB 7. Creates dedicated Texas Infrastructure and Texas Infrastructure Resiliency Funds for flood control planning and the funding of flood planning, mitigation, and infrastructure projects. Passed both houses. Signed by Governor. SB500. An appropriations bill that includes funding for SB7 and an amendment that would dedicate $30 million for dredging of the West Fork Mouth Bar in Lake Houston. Passed both Houses. Signed by Governor. SB2123. Companion bill identical to HB907. Died in committee. SB2124. Companion bill, identical to HB909. Died in committee. SB2125. Companion bill, identical to HB908. Died in committee. CSSB2126. Would allow the SJRA and Harris County Flood Control to dredge the San Jacinto River to restore conveyance without a permit if they place the spoils on private land. (CS stands for Committee Substitute. SB2126 was modified by the Water and Rural Affairs Committee so that it included HCFCD and was limited to the San Jacinto Watershed.) Died in House. Reincarnated as HB1824. Passed and signed by governor.