Grand Parkway Construction Now Within 4.5 Miles of FM1960

Construction of State Highway 99, also known as the Grand Parkway, has turned south. It is now approximately 4.5 miles from FM1960, but more than 20 miles from reaching its goal of I-10. In the image below, taken on 6/16/2020, you can see it crossing the Luce Bayou Inter-Basin Transfer project and then heading through open farm land.

Looking southeast. Grand Parkway construction has now passed the Luce Bayou Inter-Basin Transfer Project.
Approximately 4.5 miles remains before construction reaches FM1960 to the south.

The Grand Parkway will open up vast areas in Montgomery, Harris and Liberty counties for development. All of that will put pressure on Lake Houston, shown in the lower left of the satellite image below (which was taken seven months ago.

Now, more than ever, it’s important for these counties to work together to reduce the risk of flooding for downstream residents in Houston, which is the economic center of the region.

Without a vital, safe center, growth in the entire region could falter.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 6/18/2020

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