A Moment of Tranquil Splendor at Otter Point

Dr. Charlie Campbell, a master of functional medicine, jogs 22 miles a week in East End Park. He tries to time his jogs so that he arrives at Otter Point every morning for moments like this.

Sunrise at Otter Point by Dr. Charles Campbell. Used with permission.

If that won’t make you feel good, you’re a spiritual crustacean.

Years ago, I remember meeting a man meditating at Otter Point almost every day. I asked him what he found in it. He told me his story. The man was on chemo, fighting cancer. He said that the natural beauty gave him sustenance and the will to keep on fighting.

East End Park does that for many people in many different ways. Especially Otter Point. Whether you’re a cancer survivor or a flood survivor. If you’re not familiar with the park and the place, you should be. They are rare ecological gems inside the fourth largest city in the country. And something worth fighting FOR.

This is why we live here.

Trail repairs from Imelda are underway now and should be complete soon.

As a postscript to this story, Dr. Campbell sent me another picture taken this morning.

Photo by Dr. Charles Campbell, used with permission.

If you want to get your kids interested in physics, ask them why sunrises and sunsets are red. Here’s the answer.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 11/21/2019, with thanks to Dr. Campbell and Mother Nature

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