Yes, They Really Are Moving Sand Out of the River

At a community meeting last night, someone asked whether the Army Corps was REALLY taking sand out of the river. They didn’t see any dump trucks and they were concerned that the project was just a big hoax, on the order of Roswell, aliens and UFOs.

You have no idea how often I hear comments like this! Where are they putting all the sand? How does it get there?

Yes, they really are moving sand out of the river. But it’s not with trucks. Two dredges are pumping it though 24-inch pipe and six booster pumps miles upstream. One dredge is south of the Kingwood Country Club. The other is just east of Kings Harbor.

The first dredge is pumping sand back to an abandoned sand pit south of Kingwood College on Sorters Road. The second dredge is pumping it back to a pit on Townsend Boulevard in Humble. Here’s what it looked like today at the Townsend Pit.

Placement Area #1 on Townsend in Humble just east of North Houston Avenue. The old sand pit is nearly full.
Keeping the sand evenly dispersed is a challenge. Bulldozers keep it from building up near the pipe on the left.
Placement Area #1 is almost filled.

After the sediment drops out of suspension and settles to the bottom of the pit, sediment-free water returns to the river through this drain.

Picture of pit taken in October 2018 as dredging was beginning. The pit is now almost completely filled.
It takes six booster pumps and five miles of pipeline to get the sand where it’s going.
Before the job is done, the Army Corps will have picked up a volume of sand equivalent to the Astrodome and moved it five miles.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 3/12/2019

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