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Vote: Doors are Unlocked, They Still Have Paper and Machines are Working

I just voted in record time. I drove to the polling place, parked, voted, and returned home in 22 minutes – door to door.

The doors to the polling place were actually unlocked when I arrived 4PM. They had plenty of paper. And both the voting machine and scanner worked.

Considering the last two elections, that’s a miracle.

I encountered none of the problems I experienced during the last election.

In fact, there seemed to be twice as many machines as they had then. And there were no lines! Gee, I wonder where all those machines came from and why they actually worked. But I guess we will never know. The county is still fighting to keep those records secret.

The lack of major malfunctions seemed to have everyone in courteous and pleasant moods.

I like the new system – which is actually the old system – where elected officials are in charge of elections instead of appointed screwups with no experience.

Let’s hope our luck holds and the next ten days are like today.

For More Information

A wide variety of information about the election can be found at HarrisVotes.com. For instance:

Here is a map of early voting locations in the northern part of the county.

Early voting locations shown on HarrisVotes.com.

Remember, we have county-wide voting now. So if by chance, you encounter a long line, you can vote at another location.

And remember to breathe when you check in. In the last election, a number of dead people voted. So, breathing is one of the screening tools now.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 10/24/2023

2247 Days since Hurricane Harvey

The thoughts expressed in this post represent opinions on matters of public concern and safety. They are protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution and the Anti-SLAPP Statute of the Great State of Texas.

All You Need to Know About Flooding Before You Vote

Before you vote this year, review these two graphs and a map. They should tell you everything you need to know about flooding and flood mitigation in the Lake Houston Area. They should also motivate you to vote if you are on the sidelines.

Highest Flooding

The first graph shows “feet above flood stage” during Hurricane Harvey at numerous gages on different watersheds around Harris county. It shows how high floodwater got AFTER it came “out of banks.”

The San Jacinto West Fork at US59 had THE highest flooding in Harris County during Harvey.

Lowest Funding

The second shows the amount of flood-mitigation dollars spent in each Harris County watershed on right-of-way acquisition and construction for flood-mitigation in the first half of this year. Those activities help mitigate flooding as opposed to studies which frequently never get acted upon.

The reversal is stunning.

Data obtained via FOIA Request. San Jacinto, the county’s largest watershed, received only $200,000. Only Cedar Bayou received less at $160,000.

Worst Last

The San Jacinto Watershed moves from the high side of the flooding graph to the low side of the funding graph.

But why the first six months of this year? I’ve talked ad nauseam about spending trends going back decades. This window shows us current priorities. Especially during an election year when you would think the County Judge would try to appeal to as many people as possible.

Regardless of how you feel about the equity prioritization framework, you would think that in a ten-year bond program, areas like Lake Houston would start seeing some real benefit by now. Narrowing down the range of spending helps provide better insight into the priorities of County Judge Lina Hidalgo. She’s the deciding vote on Commissioners Court.

How to Punish The Opposition

People are saying, “OK, I’ve waited patiently. When will I see some benefit from the 2018 flood bond?” That was more than four years ago already.

Unfortunately, the answer is “no time soon.” The map below shows current active Flood-Control capital-improvement construction projects and how the three Democrats on Commissioners Court have used their majority to punish Republican-leaning areas.

Maintenance projects are shown in orange. And capital-improvement projects appear purple.

Flood Control has 20 active construction projects in the capital-improvement category. Of those:

  • Republican Jack Cagle’s Precinct 4 has one.
  • Republican Tom Ramsey’s Precinct 3 has one.
  • Democrats Rodney Ellis and Adrian Garcia split the other 18 among themselves.
  • Not one is in Lake Houston Area.

And Judge Lina Hidalgo allows it.

From HCFCD.org

The only way for people in Precincts 3 and 4 to right this wrong is to replace Judge Hidalgo who is on the ballot running against Republican Alexandra Mealer.

If Hidalgo and Garcia are re-elected, we have four more years of political punishment to look forward to.

So, please vote on or before November 8.

To review your ballot choices, go to HarrisVotes.com and study who and what will be on the ballot in your area this year. Yesterday’s polls show the two candidates for judge essentially tied within the margin of error. Heavy turnout in the Lake Houston Area could swing this election.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 10/26/22

1884 Days since Hurricane Harvey

The thoughts expressed in this post represent opinions on matters of public concern and safety. They are protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution and the Anti-SLAPP Statute of the Great State of Texas.

Reminder: Last SJRA Board Meeting Before Vote on Whether to Continue Lowering Lake Conroe Seasonally

The Lake Houston Area Grass Roots Flood Prevention Initiative sent out this reminder via email. It contains information about the last SJRA Board meeting before they vote on whether to continue Lowering Lake Conroe seasonally. I’m posting it here, too, in case you aren’t on their mailing list and want to learn how you can make your voice heard.

Urge the Board to Continue Lowering Lake Conroe

Until other flood mitigation measures can be put in place, lowering Lake Conroe seasonally and temporarily is the only buffer we have against flooding. It creates extra storage in the lake that can reduce the size, duration, and rate of releases from Lake Conroe during a flood. Lake Houston residents and businesses need this. Lake Conroe residents and businesses want to end the policy.

How You Can Help

URGENT….your attendance is needed at the final SJRA meeting on Feb 20th at 6 pm
It is absolutely imperative that we have a large contingency from Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita, Huffman, etc. at the San Jacinto River Authority meeting this Thursday, February 20th @ 6:00pm. We need to show the SJRA board that we support the continued lake lowering policy for 2020.  

The meeting will be held at 
Thursday, Feburary 20, 2020 at 6pm
Lone Star Convention and Expo Center, 9055 Airport Road, Conroe, Texas 77303

It is important to show up as early as possible, especially if you wish to speak. (The January meeting was already full by 5 pm.) Note: You can simply write a comment and checkmark that you are not going to speak. If would like to share a public comment, the SJRA public comment form is available at https://www.sjra.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Comment-Registration-Form_01062020.pdf

If you do plan to address the SJRA board, we are encouraging people to speak in a cordial and friendly manner, even if the Lake Conroe residents pursue their verbal assaults.
 The temporary, seasonal lowering of Lake Conroe is necessary to protect all downstream property, not just the homes of those living around Lake Houston.

The Board is scheduled to make a decision on the Lake lowering at this meeting or immediately thereafter, making our presence critical. Buses are being arranged by the Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber also has more #LivesAboveLevels tee shirts.

Please see the information below copied from the latest email from the Chamber for more information about how to register for transportation and the tee shirts. You can also learn more about the #LivesAboveLevels campaign at the Chamber’s website  http://www.lakehouston.org/recoverlakehouston/

Again if at all possible, please plan to attend. Thank for being involved and please help spread the word.


Lake Houston Area Grassroots Flood Prevention Initiative

Below is a copy the information from the latest email from Lake Houston Area Chamber of Commerce. 

Dress for Success.
Get a T-Shirt at the Chamber for the last SJRA Board meeting if you plan to attend.

 Lives Over Levels T-shirts Available at the Chamber 

Lives Over Levels t-shirts are currently available at the Chamber! Pick up your t-shirt if you plan to attend the SJRA Board Special Meeting on February 20.

The San Jacinto River Authority Board of Directors will hold a special meeting on February 20 to hear public comment on the temporary flood mitigation strategy of lowering Lake Conroe on a seasonal basis. 

We currently carry size S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL.

 LHA Chamber Address:
110 W. Main St.
Humble, TX 77338
Registration is Open to Reserve Seats for Coach Buses, February 20 

Three Coach buses with limited capacity have been generously donated by an anonymous donor for those who are unable to provide their own transportation to and from the meeting. 

All buses will depart and return to Lone Star College-Kingwood. 

Cancellations: We will be forced to cancel Bus B if we are unable to completely fill Bus A.
Each bus holds 52 passengers. We will notify Bus B passengers if Bus B is transferred to Bus A.
(Bus A and B currently leave at the same time.)

You Must Register to Reserve Your Spot!

Bus A Boarding Time: 3:00 PM –  Bus A Departure Time: 3:30 PM

Bus B Boarding Time: 3:00 PM –  Bus B Departure Time: 3:30 PM

Bus C Boarding Time: 4:00 PM –   Bus C Departure Time: 4:30 PM

For more background information, visit the Recover Lake Houston Page of the Lake Houston Chamber Site or the Lake Lowering Page on this site.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 2/18/2020 based on info from the Lake Houston Flood Prevention Initiative and the Lake Houston Chamber

903 Days since Hurricane Harvey

Last Chance to Vote for Mayor is Saturday

No matter whom you like in the Mayor’s race, if you have not yet voted, I hope you vote in the runoff election Saturday. The Mayor’s office sets policies, priorities and budgets. So if you’re not satisfied with the pace of flood mitigation, speak now. At the ballot box.

Don’t know where to vote? Check HarrisVotes.com.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 12/13/2019

836 Days after Hurricane Harvey