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Royal Pines or Vanishing Woods?

On paper, it appears to be called Royal Pines. On foot, it appears that a more appropriate name would be Vanishing Woods.

Live in a place long enough and you are bound to lose some of the things that attracted you to that area. Today, I discovered contractors clearing land for another new development in Montgomery County. It’s at the north end of West Lake Houston Parkway in Porter, just west of Country Colony. See red oval below.

Contractors are clearing land in the red oval.

In White Oak Creek Watershed

I do not yet have any firm details about the size of the new development or the number of homes. But White Oak Creek will cut just north and east of it.

New development sits in middle of map south of White Oak Creek. White Oak joins Caney Creek (right) and then the East Fork (out of frame, farther right).

Layer After Layer of Ownership

The developer has not yet posted any signs at the entrance to the development. However…

Montgomery County Appraisal District shows that a limited partnership named TC LB Royal Pines LP owns 150 acres at this location.

Royal Pines bought the land from the 1992 Guniganti Credit Shelter Trusts on 12/9/21. The Guniganti family owns the Triple PG sand mine east of the area being cleared.

From Montgomery County Appraisal District Web Site.

The Texas Secretary of State shows that the purchaser of the land registered its partnership just two days before the sale. TC LB GP, Inc. in Vancouver, British Columbia, is the general partner of the limited partnership. The general partner is registered in Delaware. However, the MoCo Appraisal District lists the mailing address for tax bills at 8655 S. PRIEST DR., TEMPE, AZ 85284-1903. Google Maps shows a company named Coronado West at that address. The relationship between Coronado West and TC LB Royal Pines LP remains unclear.

The Houston Business Journal ran a story in February about Royal Pines. It said that Ashton Woods Homes (a Starlight Homes subsidiary which targets first-time home buyers), plans to build 350 to 450 homes in the area.

Photos Taken 4/24/22

Contractors have cleared only a small portion of the property to date.

Looking SE toward the northern end of West Lake Houston Parkway, Country Colony, and Royal Brook. A sliver of the Triple PG mine appears in the upper left.
Looking east toward WLHP, Country Colony and the Triple PG mine.
Without plans, it’s impossible to tell how many trees the developer plans to retain.
Some not so royal pines stacked at entrance at north end of West Lake Houston Parkway.

Eyeballing the cleared area, I estimate that contractors have only cleared about about 10-20% of the 150 acres to date. Stay tuned for more news as it becomes available.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 4/24/22

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