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Perry Homes: Trick or Treat?

In the spirit of Halloween, it’s only fair to ask, “Is Perry Homes tricking or treating when it talks about Woodridge Village?” What Perry Homes says and what Perry does seem to contradict each other in a scary, horror-movie, Stephen-King, Cujo-on-steroids sort of way.

The Cujo analogy actually fits; man’s best friend turns into something not so nice. Woodridge Village is the 262-acre area that Perry contractors clear cut and then left before finishing the detention ponds. This contributed to the flooding of hundreds of homes in Elm Grove and North Kingwood Forest – twice so far this year.

Words vs. Actions

What do I mean by contradictions? A dozen examples:

  1. They said Elm Grove flooding had absolutely nothing to do with Woodridge Village … when they had just clear-cut hundreds of acres.
  2. Their consultant, LJA, promised the Montgomery County engineer that Woodridge would have no adverse impact on downstream flooding … then 200 homes flooded.
  3. They claimed the May 7th flooding was God’s fault … when they had only 7% of the detention built.
  4. After May 7th, they claimed they had “many” detention ponds COMPLETE … when they really only had one (S1).
  5. Perry promised the City of Houston and Montgomery County five detention ponds, but built only two… and they comprise less than 25% of the volume.
  6. They say they want to accelerate work on new detention, but haven’t done any new excavation work since August.
  7. Perry blamed construction delays on wet weather … as people were choking on clouds of dust.
  8. As a concession to wary flood victims, they promised not to build additional impervious cover … on hard-packed clay that was already largely impervious.
  9. The company said it is researching events that led up to flooding … while the construction site is a ghost town.
  10. Perry said how saddened it was to see the flooding in Elm Grove Village … as workers and equipment left the community unprotected.
  11. Perry claims they need “approvals” to build additional detention. How did they start the job without approvals?
  12. They said their hearts went out to flooded homeowners, right before suing them.

A Moving Experience

Last week, I wrote about how they hadn’t moved the equipment on their job site for a month. The day after the post, they parked the equipment in new places. But still no new excavation work.

Equipment parked on the northern side of the site for a month moved to the western side but still is not working.

How could anyone take Perry Homes at its word any longer? They certainly aren’t a treat and they’re not tricking anyone. The courts need to put an end to the Nightmare Near Elm Grove.

Posted by Bob Rehak on Halloween, 10/31/2019, with that to Jeff Miller

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