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Second Fire in Week at Forest Cove Townhomes

Approximately 10 pieces of fire equipment as well as ambulances responded tonight to yet another fire at the Forest Cove Townhomes. This is the second fire this week and at least the third this year at a large complex that has been abandoned since it was engulfed by Hurricane Harvey’s floodwaters.

Earlier this week, fire consumed another part of the complex on Aqua Vista Street. Tonight, it destroyed more townhomes in the same area between Timberline Court and Timberline Drive where the latter intersects Marina Drive.

I could not get close for safety reasons, but managed to capture the images below with a wide-aperture Nikon telephoto lens.

Abandoned townhomes on Timberline Drive, photographed from Marina Drive in Forest Cove.
Houston Fire Department was spraying water from this elevated position to suppress the fire. Additional units were spraying water on the flames from the ground as you can see in the next photo.
Fire equipment was dousing the flames from multiple angles to keep the fire from spreading.

Massive Fire Department Response

Fire equipment and ambulances lined up for four blocks. From Marina and Timberline, they went up to Hamblen. Additionally, equipment blocked half of Hamblen for another block.

Cause of the fire has not yet been determined. Nor is it known whether there were any injuries.

Need to Accelerate Buyouts and Plan Alternative Uses

This underscores the need to accelerate buyouts in this area and tear down these abandoned buildings. They have become a haven for drug dealers, squatters and vandals.

Ironically, I was responding to questions about my last post on this subject – i.e., what to do with this area – when readers alerted me to this new fire.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 7/5/2019

675 Days since Hurricane Harvey