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Harris County Commissioners to Consider Tax Increase at Special Meeting Today

Under the cover of COVID, Harris County Commissioners will consider a tax increase at a special meeting today.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo conducting Monday’s special meeting.

Tax Increase: #1 on Agenda

Item #1 on the agenda says: Request by Budget Management for discussion and determination if the Court would like (1) to proceed with initial consideration of proposed property tax rates based on the July 24th Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD) estimate or (2) to take no action and wait to propose rates based on the Certified Appraisal Roll expected from HCAD in late August.”

If you got a small black and white post card in the mail last week from HarrisPropertyTaxes.org, this is what it was about.

Reapportionment: #2 on Agenda

Item #2 on the agenda also promises to be a lively discussion: Request by the County Attorney for authorization to file on behalf of the County friend of the court briefs and join in existing/future litigation that challenges federal efforts to exclude non-citizens in population counts when legislative boundaries are redrawn and to further authorize the County Attorney to engage Special Counsel at no cost to the County.”

Monday Special Meeting Considered Changing Election Process

This follows on the heels of another special meeting on Monday. That meeting discussed changing the election process to bring it under the influence of politically appointed, not elected officials.

All these changes follow several decisions to replace high-level county employees with considerable experience. One for instance, was in finance.

Major changes are afoot in Harris County. And none of the mainstream media seem to have the bandwidth to cover the story.

So keep your head up.

How to View

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Posted by Bob Rehak on 8/6/2020

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