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Small, But Welcome Sign of Recovery: Taste of Greek

Greek food lovers in Kingwood received a small, but welcome sign of recovery this week – the community’s first Greek restaurant. It’s called Taste of Greek. And it opened in the shopping center next to the CVS pharmacy on the southeast corner of West Lake Houston Parkway and Kingwood Drive.

While the decor is modest, the taste is big.

Taste of Greek Grand Opening

Taste of Greek operated out of a food truck on North Park Drive for several years. I loved their food. But honestly, it was difficult to enjoy when the temperature climbed over a hundred in the shade.

I’ve been hooked on Greek food since going to college in Chicago. There’s a huge Greek community there. And I used to make regular pilgrimages down to Halsted Street for some of the best Greek food this side of the Atlantic. While Greek is not impossible to find in Houston, it takes some driving.

Family-Run and FRESH!

Now here’s the thing if you’re a gyros and baklava kind of person.

Taste of Greek beats every other Greek restaurant in Houston hands down. And it’s on a par with some of the best Greek food in Chicago.

The menu is not very lengthy and you find tablecloths, but OMG, is the food fresh! The pastries are better than “to die for.” They’re “to live for.”

Taste of Greek is a small family-run restaurant. The parents work the kitchen while the daughters serve and work the counter. They opened this weekend. My wife and I have eaten there TWICE so far. It’s that good.

An added bonus: seeing the pride in the eyes of a family that just graduated from operating a food truck to being the proprietors of a sit down restaurant.

Stop by and give them a try. If you like Greek food at all, I highly recommend it. Taste of Greek is guaranteed to take your mind off flood control.

Posted by Bob Rehak on March 9, 2020

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