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Trammell Crow Contractor Pumped Silty Stormwater into Street…Again

On Sunday, 2/18/24 at 12:27 pm, Michelle Chavez photographed a Trammell Crow contractor pumping silty stormwater from a construction site into Kings Park Way near West Lake Houston Parkway. The silty water appeared to be routed through a filter bag.

Contractors commonly use such geo-textile bags to remove oil, grease, sediment, litter and debris from pumped water. But this bag had several gaping holes, undermining its effectiveness. No one appeared to supervise the operation.

Chavez said the water stunk badly. There was so much that it blocked one of the two southbound lanes on Kings Park Way.

Photos of Latest Discharge

See Chavez’ photos and video below.

Trammell Crow contractors pump silty stormwater into street. Looking N along Kings Park Way on 2/18/24 at 12:27 pm.
Same location. Same time. Looking S.
Note holes in filter. Also note time/day stamp on photo.

Here is a 27-second video that puts all the pieces together and shows the construction activity in the background.

A second resident told me that the pumping continued into Sunday night…well after dark. Discharging on Sunday and at night can help avoid those pesky County inspectors.

Previous Discharges

This was not the first time the contractors had been caught on camera. Silty stormwater from the site has run into the street on several occasions in the last few weeks:

After the last visit by Harris County officials, they finally started channelling the water away from Kings Park Way.

Photographed on 2/3/24. Diagonal channel is taking water toward a sediment basin.
Some of the water from the SW corner of the site was channeled into a sediment basin. But by 2/13/24, they had filled in the part of the channel….
By 2/20/24, two days after the pumping filmed by Chavez, they had filled in most of the channel and were starting to install storm sewers.

Most contractors plan for stormwater before it rains. What a mess!

Why Controlling Discharges from Construction Sites is Important

The EPA had this to say about the importance of controlling stormwater discharges from construction sites. “When it rains, stormwater washes over the loose soil on a construction site, along with various materials and products stored outside. As stormwater flows over the site, it can pick up pollutants like sediment, debris, and chemicals from that loose soil and transport them to nearby storm sewer systems or directly into rivers, lakes, or coastal waters.”

In this case, the water goes straight into Lake Houston, the source of drinking water for 2 million people.

County Engineering Notified Again

Harris County Engineering has once again been notified of the latest discharge, though the results of their investigation have not yet been reported.

Remind me never to rent an apartment here.

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