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Rosie Takes Ride on Harvey Cruise Line

Denise Faulkner sent this picture in via ReduceFlooding.com’s Submissions page. It gets my vote for the funniest Harvey photo ever. I call it “Rosie Takes a Ride on the Harvey Cruise Line.”

Rosie the Dog on the Harvey Cruise Line during Harvey

Here’s the backstory. The dog, Rosie, belong’s to Denise’s mother. She parked the dog on this floating foam cushion while collecting her “essentials” before evacuation. How ingenious! A short while later, they were rescued on the jet ski you see in the background in the doorway.

According to Denise, Rosie did great during and after Harvey. She survived the storm and bounced back without any trauma or drama. Dogs are great in that respect. All they need is a little food, a lot of love, and a warm place to sleep.

It’s hard to find comedy in the middle of tragedy. But now that the hurt of Harvey is 952 days in the past, this photo gave me a belly laugh. I hope the Harvey Cruise Line and Rosie at least make you smile.

If you have flood pictures that you would like to share with the world, please send them in via the Submissions page.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 4/7/2020 with thanks to Denise Faulkner

952 Days after Hurricane Harvey

New Submissions Page Added to ReduceFlooding.com

I’ve added a new page to ReduceFlooding.com called “Submissions.” The Submissions page will be the place where images related to Harvey – specifically, the storm, flood, evacuations, shelters, trash, cleanup, repairs, etc. – will reside on this website. I hope the new page will become a Lake Houston Area community family album for all things related to Harvey.

Harvey flooded 6 of 9 buildings at Lone Star College/Kingwood, and cost a total of $60 million.

Please Share Your Images On Submissions Page

If you have images that you would like to share with the world, please submit them. In this way, people will never forget the horrible impact of Harvey. Perhaps your pictures will underscore the need for mitigation projects and urge elected officials to move faster on them. Perhaps they will help convince Lake Conroe residents that temporarily lowering the lake level isn’t such a bad thing after all.

On the Submissions page, you will find an email address to which you can send your images.

Requirements for Submissions

Please make sure they are in JPG or .PNG format and a reasonable size. Then I will post them. Please…no more than ten megs per email.

In your email, please remember to include captions for your submissions. Tell us the date, time, and location. Put the images in context. Keep it brief. Just a sentence or two is usually enough to explain what we are looking at. Specify whether you would like to have your name added to the caption in the credits.

By sending images, you acknowledge that you consent to have them published and that you are the owner of the images.

Don’t Wait; Send Them Now

I’ve already added two pages of images that people have sent me. Please dig through your own album and see if you have some images you would like to share. Thanks!

Posted October 4, 2018, by Bob Rehak

401 Days since Hurricane Harvey