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Overnight Rains Could Add to This Afternoon’s Woes

A strong line of thunderstorms with high winds, torrential rains and possible tornadoes swept through the Lake Houston area this afternoon. It left widespread power outages, snarled traffic, flooded streets, and swollen creeks and ditches. People still suffering PTSD from Harvey were re-traumatized by the sound of news helicopters and water creeping up their front steps. More heavy rains tonight will add to the area’s woes, even as people are still cleaning up from this afternoon’s flooding.

Examples of Damage Reported

Among the damage reported:

  • Several flooded homes in Bear Branch and Woodland Hills near creeks or ditches
  • Flooded locker rooms at Kingwood High School
  • Trees down and blocking Kingwood Drive at rush hour
  • Power lines down on Kingwood Drive
  • Knee-high water on Kingwood Drive at Town Center
  • Kingwood Drive traffic rerouted up Valley Manor
  • New pad sites for the retail expansion of the HEB center under water
  • Street flooding from one end of Kingwood to the other

Streets Designed as Part of Flood Retention System

Note: the streets in Kingwood are DESIGNED as part of the flood retention system. When rainfall rates exceed what creeks, ditches and bayous can handle, water backs up into streets. and drainage swales.

The amount of rain we received today was not great. But the intensity was off the charts. In about a half hour at my house, we received almost two inches. That’s between 3 and 4 inches per hour. Here’s an example: the swale beside my house.

Valley Manor just north of Kingwood Drive at 4PM on 5.3.19. Two neighbors across the street reports water on their front steps. One said water started to come through her front door. The family is still repairing from Harvey. Her entire family is traumatized.
This is the ditch adjacent to the retail expansion of the H-E-B center. Photo courtesy of Mark Micheletti.
Kingwood Drive west of Town Center. Photo courtesy of Clay Crawford.
Kingwood Drive at Town Center.Photo courtesy of Clay Crawford. I heard that the entrance to Fosters Mill was also under water.
Video of street in Riverchase by John Knoerzer.

Rainfall Totals for Friday Storm

Rainfall totals for last 24 hours as of 10PM 5.3.19. Note higher totals upstream from Lake Houston area.

River Report: Minor Flooding Possible on West Fork

Harris County Flood Warning System’s Real Time Inundation Mapping shows most streams within their banks. But note the warning for Humble at US59. While the river is 2 feet below the top of bank as of 10PM, it could easily go out of bank tonight.

More Storms on Way

As of 9PM a severe thunderstorm watch is still in effect for much of southeast Texas until 3PM Saturday.. A large line of strong to severe thunderstorms has developed from E of Austin to NW of San Antonio and is moving ESE/SE at 15-20mph. Expect an average 1-2 inches with the line passage. Isolated total up to 3 inches be common. Creeks and bayous should be able to handle that amount of rainfall, according to Jeff Lindner of Harris County Flood Control.

NOAA forecast clearly shows the line of strong thunderstorms that should hit us overnight.

Here is an updated radar image as of 12:01 AM Saturday morning.

Image courtesy of RadarScope, an amazing app!

Expect minor flooding at 59 and River Grove Park, that could be exacerbated by the mouth bar and other sediment still in the river.

This does not account for any local effects to the mouth bar.

Hoping you stay dry!

Posted by Bob Rehak on 5/3/19 around midnight

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