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Ready for Emergencies?

Harris County’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has produced an excellent presentation designed to help you get ready for emergencies of almost any type. While it primarily focuses on hurricanes, it also covers other natural and man-made disasters such as tornadoes, train derailments, plant explosions, and more.

Complexity Complicates Times of Chaos

Some reminders: Harris County has…

  • More people than half the states in the country
  • The largest port (by export tonnage)
  • The largest petrochemical complex in the world
  • 56 fire departments
  • 125 law enforcement agencies
  • 34 cities
  • 23 major watersheds
  • 1200+ utility districts
  • 9,000 miles of pipeline

Staying safe amidst that kind of complexity requires preparedness and situational awareness.

Fundamentals of Safety

The presentation focuses on four fundamentals of preparedness:

  • Getting a kit
  • Making a plan
  • Staying informed
  • Being involved.

It also contains numerous links you can use to sign up for alerts from various sources.

Homeland Security urges you to share the presentation and links below with family, friends, neighbors and community groups.

Better yet, ask them to put on a personalized presentation for your group. Remember. Some people may not have the ability to see, hear, or evacuate as well as you.

Helpful Links

Website: www.readyharris.org

Offices of Emergency Management: Ready Harris > Contact

Sign up for ReadyHarris Alerts: member portal (everbridge.net)

Sign up for ReadyHarris Accessible Alerts: Sign Up | Harris County (ahasalerts.com)

Hurricane Brochures: 

Accessible Videos: ASL Videos 

Disaster Checklist 

Harris County Resources: 

Other resources: 

STEAR Evacuation Assistance

Not Enough First Responders to Help Everyone

Less than 1% of the people in Harris County are first responders. So we must help each other to the extent we can.

It normally takes until June 20th before we have our first named storm in the Atlantic Basin. However, we’ve already had three so far this year. And this was supposed to be an average year.

So please bookmark this page and share it.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 6/23/23

2024 Days since Hurricane Harvey