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Mark Your Calendar: Flood Control Director to Address Kingwood Issues on September 17

Matt Zeve, Deputy Executive Director for the Harris County Flood Control District, will discuss Lake Houston area projects approved in the recent County Flood Bond at a meeting of the Lake Houston Area Grassroots Flood Prevention Initiative on September 17. Zeve will also address updates to Flood Plain Maps. The new maps could lead to increases in flood insurance rates and affect your home’s market value.

Meeting Specifics

  • Date: September 17, 2018
  • Time: 6:30 – 8:30
  • Place: Kingwood Community Center
  • Address: 4102 Rustic Woods, Kingwood

Matt Zeve. Director of Operations for Harris County Flood Control District

About Matt Zeve

Zeve is the Deputy Executive Director for the Harris County Flood Control District. Under his direction, the District carries out its mission to devise countywide flood damage reduction plans, implement those plans, and maintain the infrastructure.

That mission is executed in the third most populated county in the United States, with a population in excess of 4.5 million, which includes the City of Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city.  The District has jurisdiction over the primary stormwater facilities in the county, which consist of about 1,500 channels, totaling 2,500 miles in length, as well as more than 60 regional stormwater detention basins and a 2.5-square mile wetlands mitigation bank.

After graduating from Texas A&M University with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Zeve successfully practiced engineering as a consultant in the private sector before joining the Harris County Flood Control District in November, 2015. He has spent his entire professional career working on drainage projects primarily in the Houston Metropolitan area.

Updates on Other Flood Issues

Additionally, Grass Roots leaders will update the community on other issues affecting the potential for flooding in the Lake Houston Area.

Help Shape Agenda

If you have specific questions or concerns, please email them ahead of time so the group can prepare to address them. Send suggestions to: Bill Fowler, co-chair of the Grass Roots Initiative at txwil43@yahoo.com.

Spread the Word

Please forward this page t0 everyone you know in our area.  Flood prevention impacts the peace of mind and economic well-being of everyone.


Posted September 7, 2018 by Bob Rehak

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