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Attention Homes Still Under Repair: Freeze Watch Tuesday Night into Wednesday

Harris County has issued a freeze watch. Temperatures for Tuesday night into Wednesday should dip into the high twenties or low thirties. That normally wouldn’t be a problem for most well-insulated homes. But some are still under repair and may be missing attic or wall insulation. And some folks still living out of campers in their driveways may have heat in their homes turned off to save money. So here is a gentle reminder.  Not all floods come from the ground up. Some come fr0m the attic down.

You may want to drain your pipes or let your faucets drip if:

  • Your water is still running, but…
  • Your pipes are not insulated or your home is not heated.

Remember, hot water pipes freeze before cold. Scientists since Aristotle have observed this phenomenon. It’s called the Mpemba effect. No one can say why this happens with certainty. But it’s more important to let hot water drip than cold.

Posted by Bob Rehak on November 12, 2018

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