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Oakhurst Getting New Neighbor: Land Cleared for Peppervine

Note: Updated 3/26/22 to correct drainage path from Peppervine to West Fork instead of Bens Branch.

Centex Homes, an affiliate of Pulte Homes, has cleared land for a new 47-acre development in Porter just north of Oakhurst. The developer will call the new development Peppervine and is targeting first-time homebuyers and young, budget-conscious homebuyers.

Few Details Available Yet About Homes

Centex doesn’t give many details about the homes yet. The company’s website contains only one page of high-level information. However, it does say that the builder will offer both one- and two-story homes. Their website shows a fairly traditional style that would fit in well with most homes in the Kingwood Area.

Entrance to Peppervine. Looking east toward US59. As with Oakhurst to the south/right, a large stand of trees will shield residents from freeway noise.

However, the only other trees are in the northwest corner of the new subdivision to help shield residents from an RV park.

Looking SE toward 59. A small stand of trees will shield residents from an RV park (lower left). Oakhurst drainage ditch in lower right. Detention pond empties into ditch that cuts through upper right of frame.

Impact on Drainage

Of course, ReduceFlooding readers are concerned about the impact on drainage. While regrettable, the loss of more trees will be at least partially offset by a fairly large detention pond that occupies approximately 20% of the site. See above.

The Montgomery County Appraisal District shows the development, which comprises approximately 1.7 million square feet will have a detention pond that covers approximately 324,000 square feet.

Part of property detail from Montgomery County Appraisal District website.
Location of Peppervine from Montgomery County Appraisal District Website. Slightly north of Northpark Drive and West of US59.

The site will use Oakhurst’s drainage ditch which connects to the headwaters of Bens Branch. See Google Earth Pro image below.

Path of Drainage to West Fork

Peppervine in rectangle will drain through the Oakhurst drainage ditch to West Fork San Jacinto. Note even bigger area slated for development across freeway. It will drain into Bens Branch.
Looking SE. Pepperdine’s detention pond will connect to the small drainage ditch in the upper right.
Looking NE. The small drainage ditch will connect to Oakhurst’s larger ditch (lower left).
Looking north. The site’s detention pond drains into the ditch in the foreground which connects to the Oakhurst Ditch on the left.

Homes Built Above Roads

Homebuyers will be pleased that the homes will be built up from the roadways.

Homes will be elevated above the roads, always a good practice.

Sizable Detention Pond Should Help Allay Concerns

During Harvey and Imelda, multiple homes flooded in Oakhurst. I’m sure Oakhurst residents must have concerns about yet another subdivision adding even more runoff to the ditches and stream. The good news here, though, is that Montgomery County required a rather sizable detention pond in this instance. The developer did not get to avoid detention with a beat-the-peak survey.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 3/24/2022

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