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Thanks A Million

This week, ReduceFlooding.com passed up a million total page views. I launched the site on 3/3/2018, about six months after Hurricane Harvey. In the early days, it averaged 10-20 page views a day. This month, views ranged from 1,000-5,000 a day. That’s not bad for a one-issue website focused a small geographic area. Especially one that doesn’t promote itself. Over half of local business websites receive less than 500 visits a month.

Objectives Have Never Changed

Since the beginning, I have posted 1,596 news stories and taken 26,211 photos. After all that, my objectives have never changed. They remain to:

  • Raise awareness of how sedimentation and other man-made factors contribute to flooding along the San Jacinto River and Lake Houston
  • Describe ways to reduce flooding
  • Inform people how they can get involved in the political process and help
  • Provide concerned citizens with resources to bring about change.

Major Ongoing Stories

Through the years, several ongoing stories stand out:

Mouth Bar of the West Fork of the San Jacinto after Harvey.
The same area today is virtually unrecognizable. The above-water portion of the mouth bar is gone. (Turbidity caused by recent rains.)

Reporting as a Learning/Sharing Process

Several things have become clear to me while researching, writing and photographing hundreds of stories about flooding and flood mitigation.

Flooding is not very high on most political agendas unless we make it so. People pay attention to flooding after major floods. Then they hear about big dollars for flood mitigation funding and assume the money is being put to work immediately. It’s not.

Flood Mitigation Is a Dog Fight

Unless communities stay on top of flood mitigation and people work together to ensure they get their fair share of funding, they won’t. It’s a dog fight. We collectively have more needs than dollars. Never assume the machinery of government is working for you.

As State Senator Brandon Creighton once said, “If you don’t get involved in government, you’ll get run over.”

That’s why I want to thank each and every reader of ReduceFlooding.com. Your continued interest creates a collective voice that is louder than any of us could have as individuals.

So thank you again for the ideas, photos, tips, and suggestions that hundreds of you send in each month. You help shine a light on the problems. Thanks a million for your support.

Thanks also to our local representatives: Dave Martin, Mayor Pro Tem and District E City Council Member, City of Houston; Ted Poe, former US District 2 Representative; Dan Crenshaw, current US District 2 Representative; US Senator Ted Cruz; US Senator John Cornyn; State Representative Dan Huberty; State Senator Brandon Crenshaw; Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle; and Harris County Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 5/29/2021

1369 Days since Hurricane Harvey

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