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Day 400: Why We Still Care

Day 400 since Hurricane Harvey and absolutely nothing newsworthy  happened in regard to flood mitigation today. No news on floodgates. No news on the mouth bar. No news on upstream detention. No news on whether sand mines are willing to observe best practices. No news on sand mine real-estate appraisals. No news on the Ike Dike. It was a thoroughly depressing day. Just when I was ready to write it off…

Day 400 since Hurricane Harvey and nothing happened, except perhaps the most spectacular sunset I have ever seen. Could this be a sign?

BAM. A sign. Hope. Inspiration. Another reminder of why I still care so much about this place.

A scudding bank of dull, gray, featureless clouds exploded into vivid, yet subtle hues, revealing layer after layer of depth, dimension, subtlety and awesome power. It was the most beautiful sunset I have seen in years. It lasted for maybe a minute. Then the sun moved or a cloud moved and the extraordinary moment faded into dull gray clouds again.

Earlier, I caught these shots of a  spoonbill landing and a great egret taking wing.

Roseate Spoonbill

Taking wing

At moments like these, I feel at one with nature. I can feel the power of the creator breathing hope into every living thing.

So maybe tomorrow will be the day that the City Attorney’s office finds the deeds and easements for Ben’s Branch that it has been looking for for 22 years, and then the county can get on with its job of clearing the channel.

Posted by Bob Rehak on October 3, 2018

400 Days since Hurricane Harvey