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Devastation in New Caney

Home of family of seven flipped on its side.

A neighbor, Jennifer Coulter, just sent me this picture of devastation today. She and friends tried to help flood New Caney flood victims today with their hands, hearts, and gifts of food.

Despair on Pecan Drive

They came to a neighborhood off FM1485 and Baptist Encampment road that backs up to Caney Creek. There, they met people who had little to start with and now have even less. They lost everything.

Home for Family of Seven Now Upside Down

Coulter had her life turned upside down by Harvey and is no stranger to the kindness of strangers.

“This area took my breath away because of the level of devastation,” she said. She sent me the picture above taken by a friend. “The flood knocked the trailer over. That was the home of a family of sevensince Harvey,” she said. “It landed on their washer and dryer and refrigerator that they had hooked up outside. Everything was destroyed.”

Children Clinging to Rafters in Attic

“We saw another home where the flood line was halfway up the ROOF. Children had been clinging to rafters in the attic to keep from being swept away by the flood.”

“Another lady we met had a heart attack and was released from the hospital the day before the storm. As the floodwaters rose, she and her husband heard something strange outside. They opened the front door and were immediately blown back by water that was knee deep.”

Third Highest Flood on Record

New Caney was one of the hardest hit areas during Imelda. On 9/19/19, the the gage at FM1485 received 19.36 inches of rain, one of the highest totals in the Houston region. Caney Creek rose 18 feet in a matter of hours. Imelda created the third highest flood on record after Harvey and 1994.

Source: HarrisCountyFWS.org

“The people affected have absolutely nothing salvageable,” says Coulter. “Mud covers everything. I’m going to share with our church. Others are, too. The need is great.”

  Please help if you can.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 9/22/2019

754 Days since Hurricane Harvey and three days since Imelda