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Handy Web Sites to Monitor Flooding

After Harvey, the SJRA, Harris County, National Weather Service and USGS added and upgraded stream gages throughout the region. Think of these gages as a distant early warning system. Looking at upstream conditions tells you what will soon happen in your area.

Here’s a list of handy web sites that display river, bayou and stream levels around Lake Houston and the state. Explore them before an emergency.  Bookmark those that offer the best information for your area. 

Reference Guide

Texas Water Development Board A one-stop shop for flood preparedness anywhere in Texas. Brings together local information from all over the state. Check everything from stream gages to the status of evacuation routes.

Advanced Hydrologic Prediction for Humble/Kingwood Area  NOAA predictions for the West Fork at the 59 bridge. You can also navigate to predictions for the East Fork.

Harris County Flood Warning System. Real-time rainfall, and river-channel monitoring and forecasting. The Warning System also contains near-real-time inundation mapping. For instructions on how to use it and a discussion of its limitations, see this post.

Gages listed on the Harris County Flood Warning System in northern Harris and Montgomery Counties. This screen capture was made at 11:18 AM on 12/7/18. You can see that heavy rain is already falling at the top of the area shown in this map.

National Weather Service  Get current weather info and warnings for our area.

National Weather Service regional rainfall for the last 24 hours. Useful for looking at upstream and downstream rainfall when evaluating potential for flooding.

Water-On-The-Go App USGS stream-gage data surrounding you wherever you go in Texas. Location-aware app with historical information.

Weather.gov.  Recommended by professionals.

Coastal Water Authority.  For levels of Lake Houston at the dam and approaching weather.

SJRA. See the dashboard on their home page Lake Conroe levels and discharge rates. For other gages, dig further into their website

If you lose track of this post, you can always find these sites under the LINKS tab of this web site.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 12/7/2018

465 Days since Hurricane Harvey