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HCFCD Demolishes More Townhomes in Forest Cove

Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) has demolished more bought-out townhome complexes in Forest Cove in the last few weeks. Contractors leveled the areas circled in white below and carried away the debris.

HCFCD has already demolished the complexes circled in white. Part of the complex on Timberline burned during the week of July 4th earlier this year.

That means HCFCD has removed approximately 40% of the total units already.

According to Flood Control, buyouts in a situation like Forest Cove are complex. They can take longer than normal because HCFCD must close on EACH unit in a complex before they can demolish ANY.

Going, Going, Gone

Architects designed the lower floors of these units to flood. But during Harvey, water reached well into the second floors.

Residents once labored over homes now reduced to rubble.
They could soon make way for a linear park, being proposed by the City of Houston Parks Board.

Future Plans for Area

When HCFCD completes the buyouts and demolition process for each complex, the area will revert to some kind of green space. It could return to nature or it could turn into a park. The Houston Parks Board has made several presentations to KSA and the Forest Cove Property Owners Association about building a linear park. The park would connect the Kingwood Trail Network to the Spring Creek Greenway via the Bevil Jarrell Memorial pedestrian bridge over the San Jacinto River.

From Buyouts to Beautiful

If the Parks Board, City and Harris County can pull this off, it would turn a negative into a positive. I don’t mean to disrespect the memories of the proud people who once carved out beautiful lifestyles near the river. But since Harvey, the flood-ravaged townhomes became a haven for looters, squatters, graffiti artists and illegal dumpers. It’s best to let go of the memories and move on at this point. HCFCD has a process for turning areas like this into recreational amenities.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 11/16/2016

809 Days since Hurricane Harvey