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Demolition of old KMS Complete

This week, contractors completed the demotion of the old Kingwood Middle School (KMS). This clears the way for construction of the new, larger, permanent stormwater-detention basin and rebuilding of athletic fields in front of the new KMS. Even the foundation has been removed.

Photos Taken Dec. 17, 2022

Demolition of old school complete. Looking NW toward Woodland Hills.
Looking East. Note temporary detention pond alone Pine Terrace on right.

Looking N toward new school
Looking west toward Woodland Hills at what will become the new athletic fields.

The old Kingwood Middle School was the first middle school in Kingwood and served Kingwood students for 45 years. Humble ISD built it in 1977.

Andrew Wells was the first principal. He subsequently became principal of Kingwood High School and served there for 20 years.

With completion of the demolition of the old KMS, a piece of Kingwood history is gone. But a new chapter begins with a gorgeous new showcase that speaks for the resilience and quality of one of the finest communities in southeast Texas.

Progress of Construction in Photos

For photos showing the progress of KMS construction and demolition, see below.

I can’t wait to see this project when it is complete!

Posted by Bob Rehak on 12/17/22

1936 Days since Hurricane Harvey

Demolition of Old KMS Building About 75% Complete

Contractors have made great strides in the last week with the demolition of the old KMS (Kingwood Middle School) Building. As of last Saturday, a visual estimate put it at about 20-25% complete. I was shocked when I drove by there today. Demolition looked approximately 75% complete.

As any parent of any kid who has ever played with blocks or Legos knows, it takes much less time to destroy a structure than it does to build it. And the same holds true in the big leagues.

While it took two years to build the new KMS, the old one will come down in less than a month. I first noticed the start of demolition on Tuesday, November 8. By last Saturday, most of the southwest quadrant was gone. Today, virtually the whole west side is gone. And most of of the east side, too. This is an incredible ballet of men and machines.

Pictures Taken 11/18/22 Around 2:30 P.M.

Wide shot looking SE toward Cedar Knolls and Pine Terrace shows cleared area relative to remaining.
KMS demolition in progress. Closer shot looking in same direction shows extend of remaining work.
Reverse shot looking west towards Woodland Hills Drive over the remaining portion of KMS.
Wide shot showing virtually entire campus. Looking East.

After tearing down the building, contractors will still have to remove the foundation. But for now, that concrete is their insurance against getting bogged down in mud if it rains. Water is the enemy of construction … and of demolition.

Next steps after that. Humble ISD will have to build the athletic fields where there old school was and expand/finalize the detention pond.

To see this project from start to finish, check out photos in the posts below starting with land clearing two years ago this week.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 11/18/22

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Demolition of Old Kingwood Middle School Begins

Demolition of the old Kingwood Middle School (KMS) has begun. On Election Day, I drove by and noticed that the entire front entrance had been demolished. Removing the old school will create room for new athletic fields as well as a permanent stormwater detention basin that reduces the risk of flooding.

Next Step in Construction Project

Ever since construction of the new school, the KMS campus has functioned without athletic fields and with a temporary detention basin.

That’s about to change.

The first few pictures below show the extent of the demolition as of 11/8/2022. The last shows it on 11/9/22.

Beginning of demolition near the main entrance of old building, first observed on Election Day.
Reverse angle shot shows rip rap laid down at construction entrance. Rip rap knocks mud off the tires of dump trucks, to help keep sediment out of storm sewers.
Side shot, looking east, shows the second temporary detention basin, which will expand into the permanent detention basis after
Close up of the “jaws” used to rip apart structural steel.
This morning, 11/9/22, the demolished area had widened considerably.

What you see above, happened in a day and a half. At the current rate, demolition could finish before Thanksgiving in two weeks. Then landscaping of the athletic fields can begin, as well as excavation of the final detention basin.

For photos showing the progress of construction, see below.

stages of KMS construction
The final stages of construction. Remove the old building, expand the detention basin, and build athletic fields. From Nov. 2020.

Editorial comment: management of stormwater has been a major concern on this project since the beginning. I wish all owners and contractors built stormwater detention basins before construction or clearing land. Too often, it seems, some take the opposite approach and treat protection of neighbors as an afterthought.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 11/9/2022

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