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Index Page Added to ReduceFlooding.com

ReduceFlooding.com has added an index page to make it easier to find old content. The new index page actually contains two indexes. The first: by keyword, the second by post title.

Today marks the 943 days since Hurricane Harvey. During that time, I and guests have posted 1099 items to the news page. Unless long-time readers remembered how to search for those posts, many became lost or forgotten over time. And new readers simply were never aware of of the wealth of material found in thousands of pages on the site.

I’m hoping the new index page will make it easier for both readers and researchers to find helpful material they need.

  • Each term or title on the index page is hyperlinked.
  • Clicking on a key word pulls up ALL the posts with that term. Scroll down to see them all. They are stacked on top of each other in REVERSE chronological order (most recent first).
  • Below the list of key words, you will find another list of post titles in alphabetical order.
  • Each index list has an alphabet bar at the top that will take you directly to links starting with a particular letter, to help reduce scrolling.
  • Terms and posts based on numbers fall at the bottom of each list.

Hint: If you browse the index by key word, you may also want to search the site by the same keyword.

Here’s why. The programming for the key word index works off of WordPress “tags.” Tags are something you add to a post after creating it to tell search engines, “This post is about X.” It’s entirely possible that only one post may be ABOUT Tony Buzbee but that he is mentioned in many more that could have been more heavily focused on sand mines, the mayoral election, etc.

The idea for this page came from a reader. So please continue to share your thoughts with me. Play with it and tell me what you think.

Posted by Bob Rehak on March 29, 2020

943 Days after Hurricane Harvey