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LJA Engineering Report Says “No Adverse Drainage Impacts” to Neighboring Developments or Taylor Gully

“No adverse impacts.” Really? Really! That’s what they say. Read the full report here.

Street flooding in Elm Grove and North Kingwood Forest…
… turned into home flooding when sheet flow from the Woodridge Village was added to the street flooding on May 7 flood
Taylor Gully near the peak. Shortly after this shot was taken it overflowed into the park on the opposite bank, upper right.
Scene along Village Springs in Elm Grove after the May 7 flood. At least 196 homes in the neighborhood flooded.
Abel Vera now lives in a world without walls.

It May Be Time to Rethink That Assertion, LJA!

In the conclusion of the cover letter of the report dated 8/28/18, Phyllis Mbewe, the project manager of hydrology and hydraulics for LJA Engineering guarantees Dan Wild, Montgomery County’s assistant engineer, that there will be:

  • No downstream impacts to Taylor Gully water surface elevations
  • No adverse drainage impacts to neighboring communities (such as Elm Grove or North Kingwood Forest).

She says, “…the proposed development of the 268-acre tract creates no adverse drainage impacts for events up to and including the 100-year event.”

So What Went Wrong?

Was it:

  • Bad Assumptions?
  • Bad Plans?
  • Bad Execution?
  • Bad Project Management?
  • Bad timing?
  • Worse rainfall than they planned for? Or…
  • One or more of the above?

Harris County’s meteorologist, Jeff Lindner estimates that, at most, last Tuesday’s rain was a 50-year event in this area.

Plea for Expert Advice

If you are an engineer or hydrologist, please help. Review these plans and give me your thoughts. You may remain anonymous if you wish. Please email me through the contact page of this web site. 196 families really need your help. The house you save may be your own…the next time around.

Posted by Bob Rehak on May 16, 2019

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