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Please Fill Out This Home Damage Report Survey and Share It With Friends

If you have damage to your home or pipes from the Great February Freeze, Harris County would like you to fill out this Home Damage Report Survey on the Ready Harris website. It will help support the County’s request for Federal aid.

  • The County needs constituents to fill out the damage report survey, so it can pass those numbers to State and Federal agencies.
  • This form is for ALL of Harris County (cities and unincorporated).

This Home Damage Report Survey will help Harris County determine the extent and magnitude of damage due to severe winter weather.

It will help provide an accurate summary of impacts for the State and Federal government, in order to support Harris County’s request for Federal aid.

Filling out the survey will also give the County insight into the type of help the community needs. That will help coordinate local resources.

Please do not use the survey to request direct assistance or disaster relief. Completing this survey is not a way to receive aid.

For aid, contact the relief agencies at www.readyharris.org. For emergency assistance dial 9-1-1. 

ONLY enter information regarding the February 2021 winter weather event.

Also, a special emergency Commissioners Court has been scheduled for Friday at 1pm. The regularly scheduled Commissioners Court on 2/23 has been changed to 2/26.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 2/19/2021

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