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Happy Holidays from the Lake Houston Area

Despite occasional hurricanes and biblical rainfalls, there’s no place I’d rather live than the Lake Houston Area. Where else can you find all the amenities of Houston next to so much nature? Below are some of my favorite photos taken here over the years.

Lawn fawn
Fawn born on lawn outside my office
great egret
Great egret returning to nest
The 5,000 acre Lake Houston Wilderness Park
Hawk feeding outside my office.
Painted bunting outside my office

Roseate Spoonbill, East End Park, Kingwood
Alligator at River Grove Park in Kingwood
Duck at Cedar Landing in Huffman
Great egret in breeding plumage
Roseate spoonbills
Ducks at Cedar Landing in Huffman
Snow geese taking wing over lake during fall migration
West Fork San Jacinto at River Grove Park, looking east toward Lake Houston

And then there are the spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Dr. Charles Campbell, who specializes in functional medicine, took the two photos below. And good medicine they are!

Sunrise over the East Fork San Jacinto River
Sunset over Kingwood Lakes

I hope you find these images as restful and as spiritually rejuvenating as I do.

This area is worth preserving and protecting. Where else can you live next to beauty like this – inside the city limits of one of America’s largest cities?

Peace to all. And happy holidays.

Posted by Bob Rehak on December 22, 2023

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