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Mayoral Candidate Bill King Lays Out Multifaceted Flood Mitigation Plan

Mayoral candidate Bill King has unveiled a multifaceted flood mitigation plan for Houston. While developing the plans, King visited about twenty neighborhoods in Houston that chronically flood and talked to residents about their flood experiences

Bill King gave Kingwood residents a sneak peak at his flood plan earlier this month.

No One Solution, No Easy Answers

King believes the dynamics of flooding in each area are unique and there are no easy answers to Houston’s flooding problems.  “There is no one solution,” says King.  “Our topology and climate present significant challenges when attempting to address flooding. It will require a multi-phased approach and consistent, disciplined attention to the problem over many years.”

Seven-Phase Plan

Below are his seven proposals to improve flood mitigation. These proposals are specific to the City of Houston’s responsibilities.  You can click on each for a detailed discussion.

First In a Series

I will post the flood mitigation plans of other candidates as I receive them. Flooding certainly isn’t the only problem Houston faces. However, solving those other problems will require solving flooding problems.

Who would want to invest in building a home or business in an area that chronically floods? Maintaining Houston’s growth will require solving flooding first.

Posted by Bob Rehak on August 26, 2019

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