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Northpark Drainage Ditch: Got ‘Er Done This Time!

This morning, I posted about what appeared to be a premature victory lap on the repair of the Northpark Drive drainage ditch with a plea to Git ‘Er Done. Well, this afternoon, Montgomery County Precinct 4 Commissioner James Metts and his drainage supervisor Mike McKay Got ‘Er Done.

Barely Enough Time to Take Photos

They must have had their ears close to the ground. By noon, I got a call from McKay. Within another hour, he had inspected the ditch and agreed it was a mess. Then by 2PM, he had trucks and backhoes onsite. And by 4PM, they were packing up and hauling away the last piles of dirt left in the ditch from last weekend’s repair effort.

It all happened so fast, I barely had time to get there to take photos. And it all happened before rush hour!

Photo submitted by reader of work on Thursday afternoon, 2/17/22. Backhoe scoops up dirt left behind that was in danger of slumping back into ditch during a heavy rain.
Traffic was slightly backed up, but it kept moving. It took about five minutes to get from 494 to the car wash at Russell-Palmer Road.
By the time I got my drone up, the last of the dirt was excavated
…and drivers were hauling it away.

He said they hauled more than 30 truckloads of dirt out of Northpark on Saturday night and Sunday morning before knocking off at around 2AM. The temp had dropped below freezing at that point.

Regular Maintenance Key to Reducing Flooding

McKay apologized for not returning my call earlier this week. He said he had a dental emergency that kept him out of the office until today.

Having worked near this area for more than 20 years, I watched Northpark go underwater with regularity – on average at least once or twice a year. Scary for an evacuation route!

I hope MoCo can improve the maintenance intervals on this ditch. Northpark and the areas around it have seen tremendous growth in recent years.

My thanks to Commissioner Metts and Mr. McKay for the heavy lifting on this one. And especially for their fast response! They got ‘er done this time!

Posted by Bob Rehak on 2/17/22

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