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Miller Video Shows No Construction Progress on Woodridge N1 Detention Pond

A new video taken by Elm Grove resident Jeff Miller from Webb Street in Porter shows that the Woodridge developer has not yet begun excavating detention pond N1. The area has been cleared and grubbed since long before the May 7th rain that flooded more than 200 homes in Elm Grove and Porter.

Video courtesy of Jeff Miller shows the area within Woodridge Village where detention pond N1 should be. Taken 9/5/19.

This is for the historical record in case any of those tropical depressions brewing in the Gulf or the Atlantic meanders this way. It seems we’ve been here before. Detention Pond S2 had not yet been excavated when the May 7th flood hit. These Perry Homes folks are certainly connoisseurs of edge work.

Posted by Bob Rehak with video from Jeff Miller on 9/6/19.

738 days after Hurricane Harvey