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RV Resort Detention-Pond Drain Finally Being Installed in Approved Location

Four months after Laurel Springs RV Resort contractors started tying into the Lakewood Cove storm sewer system, they may finally finish the job in the next few days. I spotted them yesterday and today, digging a trench from the pumps to the pond.

At their present rate of progress, and with gasoline prices spiraling out of control, one wonders whether RVs will be able to afford gas to get here when this job is complete.

Troubled History of Project

The storm sewer tie in comes more than a month after an aborted attempt to dig a trench through the wall of their half-sized detention pond and install pipes that drained the resort’s stormwater directly into Edgewater Park. Both actions violated state and city permit requirements. They also caused the state, city and Harris County to launch four investigations into construction practices at the RV resort. Subsequently, the Harris County Attorney sent a cease-and-desist letter to the resort’s owner and threatened a lawsuit.

Detention Pond Storm Sewer Tie In Started in Early December

Laurel Springs RV Resort detention pond drainage tie in as of 12/05/21. Contractor has tunneled under Laurel Springs Lane to Lakewood Cove storm sewer system on far side.
Drainage plans approved by City of Houston for this portion of the job site. SE corner of detention pond below is in upper left of diagram above.

Contractor Now Working on Approved Tie In

Wednesday around noon, 3/02/22, workers started excavating around the circular pump housing.
By early morning 3/3/22, they had already laid the first section of pipe.
By noon on 3/3/22, they had laid another section of pipe and were excavating their way to the corner of the pond.

Rec Center Being Framed Out

In separate news, workers started framing the RV Resort recreation building yesterday.

This shows the status on the morning of 3/3/22.

Spiraling Cost of Gasoline Could Affect Demand

I heard a story on the radio this morning that gasoline in Toronto has now topped $8.50 USD per gallon. With gasoline prices spiraling out of control, it’s unclear how many people will be traveling in RVs anytime soon. The larger ones get as little as 6 miles per gallon.

I remember taking a trip through the Yukon Territory several years ago when gasoline was half that price and seeing an RV fill up for more than $1000.

That’s comparable to the cost of a 2500 square-foot penthouse suite in a luxury 5-star hotel.

Now imagine doubling that cost to stay in something one tenth the size.

As they say in Hollywood, “Timing is everything in show business.” You could say the same for the RV park business.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 3/3/22

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