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Demolition Dates Set for Forest Cove Townhomes

Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD) has set the demolition dates for two of the three remaining Forest Cove Townhome complexes. The two farthest from the river will be torn down on 7/5/22 and 7/14/22. See image below.

On 6/17/22, HCFCD also deposited the check for the buyout of the last unit in the last complex. So, according to HCFCD spokesperson, Amy Stone, “The final demolition should be scheduled soon!”

Demolition dates for the three remaining Forest Cove Townhome complexes. San Jacinto West Fork at top of frame. Forest Cove Community Center and swimming pool on right.

Reason for Delays

Buying out close to 100 units destroyed by Harvey has been a tortuous and time-consuming process. Several of the owners, unable to live in the townhomes, reportedly walked away from their properties, leaving them in limbo. In the process, they created a blight on the community that became a magnet for drug dealing, illegal dumping, vandalism, arson, and graffiti.

I talked to an angry Forest Cove resident this morning who can’t wait for the last remaining units to be demolished.

Photos Taken on 6/18/22

Here are some photos taken this morning from ground and air showing the condition of the last units still standing.

Two complexes scheduled for demolition on 7/5 and 7/14.
Same complexes from the ground.
Last complex, not yet scheduled for demolition
Same complex from ground level.

Back to Green Space

HCFCD usually lets such buyout areas return to green space and has announced its intention to do the same here. However, it’s not yet clear exactly what that means. Flood Control has not yet responded to a request for specific plans.

Nevertheless, the Houston Parks Board has already begun a trail along the West Fork. It currently reaches from the Kingwood trail system at River Grove Park to Marina Drive in Forest Cove, shown below. It now terminates behind the two complexes already scheduled for demolition in July.

Terminus of Houston Parks Board San Jacinto Greenway at Marina Drive, approximately 2.6 miles from River Grove Park as the crow flies.

The Parks Board has plans to take this trail all the way to US59 eventually.

Planned route of trail connecting Woodland Hills Drive to 59 and Spring Creek Trail. Green = completed. Purple = planned.

Someday soon, this area could become a huge asset to the Kingwood/Forest Cove/Lakewood Cove community again.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 6/18/22

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