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Good News for Kingwood Residents along Ben’s Branch and Taylor Gully

Note: This story has been corrected. See the replacement post.

The City of Houston has finally signed and delivered the easements that will allow Harris County Flood Control to maintain Ben’s Branch and Taylor Gully in Kingwood.

Clearing the Way for Ben’s Branch Maintenance

Jessica Beemer, Chief of Staff for City Council Member Dave Martin said, “As of this morning, the City has completed its research regarding the orphan channels in Kingwood. The conveyance documents have been delivered to Harris County Flood Control District’s attorney for review and signature.”

Trees blocking Ben’s Branch. A common site for miles.

Many homes and businesses flooded along Ben’s Branch during Harvey. One-hundred percent of the businesses in Town Center, at least four apartment complexes, the Kingwood Public Library, a retirement home, Kings Harbor and the Enclave flooded partially as a result of Ben’s Branch.

The county identified sedimentation and fallen trees that were blocking this major stream, but legally could not address these issues until receiving the paper work.

Just yesterday, I posted about problems with this paperwork.

Hopefully, the County will now expedite remediation. I’m sure people along the stream will sleep better tonight.

A shout out to Barbara Hilburn in Kingwood Lakes who has been leading the charge for Kingwood residents on internal drainage improvements since Harvey.

Posted by Bob Rehak on September 5, 2018

372 Days since Hurricane Harvey