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One Bright Spot of Imelda

While Imelda brought untold heartache and suffering to hundreds, it did have one bright spot.

Shortly before Imelda, KSA had the meadows mowed in East End Park. Since then, thanks to the heavy rains, a bumper crop of fresh new green grass has attracted large numbers of deer. The grass is already knee high. On my evening walk in the park tonight, we circled the large meadow and saw more deer than I have ever seen in one place in 35 years of living in Kingwood. We counted a total of four families and twenty deer in total: bucks, does, and fawns.

The best time for viewing deer, if you are so inclined, is near sunset.

Video courtesy of John Knoezer. Deer are pretty skittish. You probably won’t get closer to them than 20 or 30 yards. But it’s inspiring to watch such graceful creatures, even from a distance. Bring binoculars for the best viewing. Many deer will remain near the edge of the meadow where they can retreat into the forest if they feel threatened.

Why KSA Mows the Meadows

KSA mows the meadows occasionally to discourage the spread of invasive species and halt the spread of the forests into meadow areas. The meadows also provide grass seed for migrating species of birds in the fall and spring.

Even though KSA got a late start mowing this year, heavy rains from Imelda made the grass grow quickly. It has already started going to seed, ensuring that migrating birds will have a satisfying rest stop and that birders will have have one of the best seasons ever.

The deer this year? Purely a bonus.

Meadow Trails Still Passable

While flood waters destroyed trails and wetlands in other parts of the park, the main meadow near Kingwood Drive seems to have benefited. Meadow trails are still passable unlike other trails. And at sunset there is a refreshing breeze that seems to keep mosquitos away.

Three of 20 deer spotted in East End Park’s main meadow near sunset on 10/9/2019. Photo courtesy of John Knoezer.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 10/9/2019

771 Days since Hurricane Harvey and 20 since Imelda