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From Lush Forest to Pine Barrens in 7 Months

Today, Royal Pines looks vastly different from the way it did last April. If such a thing as “truth in development naming” existed, they would have to call it “The Barrens of Kingwood.”

I first reported on the clearing of 200+ acres for this new development back in April 2022.

Royal Pines
Extent of clearing on April 24, 2022.

Now see the four photos below taken from different angles on 10.31.22.

Looking NE from Porter across the barrens.
Looking SE. The only thing taller than tire ruts are some piles of mulch that still need to be hauled away.
Looking West from near White Oak Creek. Country Colony on left.
Looking West from entrance.

Royal Pines bought the land from the 1992 Guniganti Credit Shelter Trusts on 12/9/21. The Guniganti family owns the Triple PG sand mine east of the area being cleared. You can see it in the background of the first two photos above.

The development company is headquartered in Tempe, Arizona according to the Montgomery County Appraisal District website.

Clearing started before TCEQ issued a Stormwater Pollution Prevention permit.

They Call This Progress

Compare what the development looked like:

Royal Pines
Plan for Royal Pines

The plan above shows that 80+ homes are in the pre-Atlas-14, 100-year floodplain. Six are in areas LOWER than the 100-year flood plain.

Use of old flood-plain maps could put unsuspecting buyers at risk. The flood plain maps for this area were last updated in 2014. New Atlas 14 maps may not become official for several more years…potentially after this developer starts selling homes.

The subdivision at buildout will comprise at least three sections. Houston Business Journal said Royal Pines will ultimately feature between 350 and 450 homes targeted at first-time home buyers.

Other developers are in the process of clearing hundreds of additional acres farther up White Oak Creek.

Plans for the Barrens

The following links will show you the general plan and layouts for the first three sections of Royal Pines:

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