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Vote: Doors are Unlocked, They Still Have Paper and Machines are Working

I just voted in record time. I drove to the polling place, parked, voted, and returned home in 22 minutes – door to door.

The doors to the polling place were actually unlocked when I arrived 4PM. They had plenty of paper. And both the voting machine and scanner worked.

Considering the last two elections, that’s a miracle.

I encountered none of the problems I experienced during the last election.

In fact, there seemed to be twice as many machines as they had then. And there were no lines! Gee, I wonder where all those machines came from and why they actually worked. But I guess we will never know. The county is still fighting to keep those records secret.

The lack of major malfunctions seemed to have everyone in courteous and pleasant moods.

I like the new system – which is actually the old system – where elected officials are in charge of elections instead of appointed screwups with no experience.

Let’s hope our luck holds and the next ten days are like today.

For More Information

A wide variety of information about the election can be found at HarrisVotes.com. For instance:

Here is a map of early voting locations in the northern part of the county.

Early voting locations shown on HarrisVotes.com.

Remember, we have county-wide voting now. So if by chance, you encounter a long line, you can vote at another location.

And remember to breathe when you check in. In the last election, a number of dead people voted. So, breathing is one of the screening tools now.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 10/24/2023

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