Earth grows eyeballs

Earth Grows Eyeballs

We have two tropical systems in the Atlantic this morning – Hurricane Lee and Tropical Storm Margo which is projected to intensify into a hurricane by tomorrow.

I love looking at the satellite imagery of earth on the National Hurricane Center website. It lets you verify all the complex descriptions of weather developments. And this morning when I went to look at the satellite imagery of the full Atlantic, I was startled by what appeared to be a pair of eyeballs staring back at me, perfectly centered in the sunrise.

And the cloud formations below them loosely resembled a nose and a frown.

Frankly, it looked a bit spooky to me. A cosmic coincidence? But one that triggered thoughts of Halloween a little more than a month away.

Please share with your kids and grandkids. This could be an interesting way to teach them to keep their eyes on the weather.

Posted by Bob Rehak on 9/11/2023

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