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Laurel Springs RV Resort 14% Occupied; Nephew Izzy Tries to Help

Only 31 of the 226 parking spots at the new Laurel Springs RV Resort appeared occupied today – despite deep grand-opening discounts, a record cold winter up North, and a few saplings planted on the 20+ acres of concrete.

Triangular dog park features one complimentary sapling for male dogs. Railroad tracks in trees in right.
Looking NNW across RV Resort from over Laurel Springs Lane.

Nephew Izzy to the Rescue

Not even Nephew Izzy could understand it. “Uncle Bob, they don’t even have oil spots on the pavement yet! And look at all the privacy you could have.”

Izzy is a connoisseur of trailer and RV parks. He and his new girlfriend, Wanda June, a dancer down at the Crystal Pistol, grew up in them.

I asked, “Ya think it might have anything to do with trains running up and down those tracks all day and all night long, Izzy?”

“I could have that place filled up by next weekend, Uncle Bob.”

“How’s that?”

“I’d make Wanda June the check-in clerk. She packs them in down at the Crystal Pistol.”

“She does have a way with people. But desk clerks don’t get too many tips, Izzy.”

“I see your point, Uncle Bob. Could cut down on our income.”

Romance of the Railroad and Wide Open Spaces?

“Hey, how about if we give out free Johnny Cash tapes at check in? Capitalize on the romance of the railroad.”

“You mean like Folsom Prison Blues?”

“Yeah, that’s the ticket. Johnny Cash is awesome.”

“Did you ever listen to the lyrics, Izzy?”

“I just hum along.”

When I hear that whistle blowin’, I hang my head and cry,” I sang.

“Hmmm. Maybe not the perfect choice,” said Izzy. Then brightening, “I know! I’d sell ‘Wide Open Spaces!'”

“Well, they certainly have lots of those.” A big pause.

“What’s wrong, Uncle Bob?”

“Do you think that will cause people to ask why no one’s there?”

“Maybe free hearing protectors?” asked Izzy without much conviction.

I guess I didn’t enthuse enough.

Izzy Has Second Thoughts For First Time in Life

“I think I better sleep on this, Uncle Bob”

“I think you better keep your job down at the Crystal Pistol, Izzy.”

Posted by Bob Rehak on 4/1/23

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