Preserve At Woodridge

Preserve At Woodridge All Framed Out

It won’t be long now before we start seeing moving trucks at the Preserve at Woodridge. The new high-density, low-grass, pet-friendly, community of 131 free-standing rental homes has reached a milestone. The entire development is framed out. See the pictures below.

Photos Taken on January 29, 2023

Looking SE toward Kingwood Park High School from over St. Martha Catholic Church parking lot.
Last homes under construction on the SW corner of the new subdivision.
Looking toward the west from over the detention pond gives you a feeling for how close together these homes are.
65% impervious cover according to the RG Miller plans.
The pearlescent, allegedly “grass lined” stormwater detention basin seems to still leak silty stormwater into this tributary of Ben’s Branch.

Who is the Market For These Homes?

It will be interesting to see what types of tenants this subdivision attracts. The website shows a picture of young adults by a pool. These homes might represent a step up from apartments for some of them.

But none of the website’s pictures feature empty-nesters who might be looking to downsize. The long walks between cars and front doors could make it difficult to get all those groceries into the kitchen.

And the small amount of parking could deter families with more than one car.

Glad it’s not my money at risk. But maybe they’ve identified a new market niche.

The biggest complaints I hear are that these homes don’t fit the character of the surrounding community. People worry about negative impacts on their property values.

I have also heard firefighters express safety concerns about the proximity of the homes.

Regardless of how you feel, it’s too late to do anything about these now.

History of Project

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